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Wir bringen die Zukunft ins Haus

... and to the Light+Building! In line with the motto, we present our building automation software and hardware at our booth. Test the latest product generations live on site.

YOUVI project editor

We will show you how to create a visualisation in record time with automatic ETS import and a new KNX project. You can use the project editor to create, delete, edit and rework devices.


Surface-mounted or flush-mounted,
in portrait or landscape format.

Discover unlimited variety in small dimensions

Find out about the versatility of our latest control panel. We introduce various mounting types, design options and visualisation alternatives.

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Energymanagement with PEAKnx

Energy management with PEAKnx

We show you how energy management can be visualised in a clear and straightforward way. Together with our partner Neoom Group GmbH, we visualise everything from electric charging stations to photovoltaic systems—right in the building control system visualisation itself. There is even a real charging station integrated into the stand.

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Product presentation
Home Automation Server

You can even get familiar with our new server before the official launch date. Find out how you can use it to access our smart home visualisation on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Home Automation Server

Innovations in YOUVI visualisation

Ventilation control

We use the ventilation system widget to show you how you can control ventilation levels and room temperatures or display air quality and more.

Overview of:

  • Air quality
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
Door station

Try out our door station module with the Agfeo door station that has been integrated into the stand. When the doorbell rings, you can see who is at the door on the control panel, greet them and let them in.

Offline voice control with Aragon

Learn more about how you can control your smart home by voice without using cloud services.

Node Red building block

By using the nodes, you can send commands to multiple smart home devices to control their functions or integrate them into logics. We will show you how it works with YOUVI.

YOUVI innovation

Innovations in YOUVI visualisation

Ventilation control
Door station
Offline voice control with Aragon
Node Red building block

We use the ventilation system widget to show you how you can control ventilation levels and room temperatures or display air quality and more.

Overview of:

  • Air quality
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
YOUVI innovation

Flush with wall
mounting variant

Are you after that ‘special something’? Then you’ll definitely like the new flush-mounted option in our panel family. The control panel and the wall form a flat surface that is only visually separated by a shadow gap.

YOUVI Bridges

Smart device connections to our KNX visualisation

Sonos Bridge
Sonos Bridge Icon


Experience great sound as part of your building control.

trivum Bridge
trivum Bridge Icon


Create a special sound experience with the multi-room audio solution.

Netatmo Bridge
Netatmo Bridge Icon


Control Netatmo thermostats and view weather sensors easily via YOUVI.

Neoom Bridge
Neoom Bridge Icon


Discover the new bridge for viewing and managing Neoom devices.

Ikea TRÅDFRI Bridge
Ikea TRÅDFRI Bridge Icon


YOUVI now also works with the smart home solution from Ikea. We'll show you how.

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