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Controlpro 230 V Connection set

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This device connector, consisting of two flat, three-pole plug connectors (male and female part) is used to connect 230 V cables touch-proof against electric shock. When plugged in, the plug connection has protection class IP40.

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This connection set consists of two plug connectors (design according to EN 60 320) which are mounted onto two stripped 230 V cables in order to achive an secure and well insulated connection. The cable diameter must be between 0.5 and 2.5 mm. The cable cores of both cables are pulled into the corresponding plug and fastened there. The secure fastening of all cable cores and the integrated strain relief provide protection against accidental contact with live wire ends (IP 40) and a secure power connection when the cables are plugged together. A brief description of how to use the connectors is given in the Controlpro manual under “Installing a (230 V AC) power supply“.