The PEAKnx Controlpro

KNX smart home system

The 18,5'' high-performance Controlpro with integrated KNX interface and visualization software is the perfect control panel for building automation.

KNX visualisation for your home and room control

Lights (dimmers, RGB luminaires)
Create the right atmosphere with lighting.
Sockets and switches
View devices and turn them on and off.
Shutters & blinds
Raise or lower shading devices as needed.
Specify when the function should be executed.
Adjust your home to a comfortable temperature.
Scene creation
Create scenes directly in the visualization using drag and drop.
Web widgets
Flexibly extend the range of functions via web widgets.
Home control via app
Free of charge at home and with the Connect module also remotely.
Voice control
Control your KNX building by voice command via Alexa.
Automatic processes
Set if-then rules in the KNX smart home simply by yourself.
Camera integration
Include IP cameras in your visualisation.
Bridges to other brands
Integrate devices from other manufacturers directly into the KNX visualisation.

More modules and functions

YOUVI Screenshot

KNX visualisation for your home and room control

With the included YOUVI Basic software package, you control your smart home easily and intuitively.

Scene creation
Web widgets
Home control via app
Voice control
Automatic processes
Camera integration
Bridges to other brands

Create the right atmosphere with lighting.

YOUVI Screenshot

More modules and functions

All in one device!

KNX server, IP router, Smart Home app and visualization are already included in the scope of delivery of the KNX panel

Controlpro: The All-In-One Solution

A calculation that works. The Controlpro is not just a piece of hardware. The included YOUVI software turns the device into a true all-in-one wonder, so you do not need external hardware.

Stand alone or as a client in the network – the choice is yours!

Controlpro as KNX server

All-in-One solution in combination with YOUVI

In combination with YOUVI, you can run the Controlpro as a stand-alone knx touch panel that is not dependent on an external server or IP router. Especially for family homes and medium-sized projects, this unit of hardware and software is a good solution.

Controlpro as client variant

Client solution in combination with external server and IP router

If you already have a central control unit or an external KNX server (e.g. PEAKnx Performance Server or Gira HomeServer), you can connect the Controlpro as a client variant. Especially for larger KNX projects, a central server can provide additional security.

Open for other applications and visualisations

The Controlpro is a fully-fledged computer equipped with Windows 10 LTSC, which not only enables the use of all Windows and web-based visualisations, but is also suitable for browser applications, for example.

Depending on the used visualisation, SIP door intercoms with video transmission, alarm systems and energy management can also be displayed in the KNX visualisation.

View visualisation options
    All Windows- or web-based, e.g.:
  • Alexander Maier GmbH: EisBär SCADA
  • BabTechnologie: CubeVison
  • Gira: QuadClient, Ajax, X1
  • Hager: Domovea
  • Enertex: EibPC
  • Symcon GmbH: IP-Symcon
  • ThinKnx
  • Edomi, openHAB and many more...
Controlpro with visualization software

Compatibility guaranteed

The Controlpro can be used with various smart home solutions from different manufacturers.

Controlpro Compatibility

Smart heat management for permanent operation

Unlike mobile devices such as tablets, the fixed PEAKnx touch panels are designed for permanent operation. The sophisticated heat dissipation system ensures that the device continues to run smoothly even after many years of use and does not produce stripes on the wall.

Fanless cooling by convectionFanless cooling by convection
No moving partsNo moving parts
Front glasses made of real glassGlass covers made of real glass
Floating effectFloating effect (lying flat against the wall)
low built-in depthLow built-in depth of 6.5 cm

Controlpro components

Powerful components that adapt to your needs

Dual-Core or Quad-Core processorIntel dual- or quad-core processor
SSD hard drive250 or 500 GB SSD hard drive
DDR4 main memory4, 8 or 16 GB DDR4 main memory
HD webcam5 megapixel HD camera
Broadband loudspeakerBroadband loudspeaker
MicrophoneOptimized microphone
Full HD display18.5” Full HD display with PCAP touch technology
Direct KNX interfaceDirect KNX interface (no external server required)

Infinite glass designs

Whether in corporate design with your own company logo or matched to the private interior design – you determine the appearance of your KNX touch panel! The exchangeable glass covers can be individually designed and turn the Controlpro into a real eye-catcher in every smart building.

Controlpro individual front glass design

Two elegant mounting variants

The Controlpro is flush mounted. In addition to the classic flush mounting, a completely flush with the wall installation is also possible. In this case, the KNX panel forms one level with the wall thanks to the innovative adapter frame.



floating opticsFloating effect (lying flat against the wall)
Distance from wall: 7mmDistance from wall: 7 mm

Flush with the wall

Flush with the wall

Optical accentOptical accent (flush with the wall)
Distance from wall: 0mmDistance from wall: 0 mm

Choose your suitable KNX panel variant

We provide the Controlpro in 3 variants so you can customize the touch panel to the requirements of your automation project. Use the KNX panel for comprehensive building control, as door intercom or as multimedia device and adapt the hardware components accordingly.

Ideal to replace a Gira Control 19PEAKnx touch panel Controlpro DC-4-250


With a 250 GB SSD hard drive, the latest 4 GB main memory and a dual-core processor, this panel is ideal for a perfect visualization of your graphically sophisticated home control system.

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PEAKnx touch panel Controlpro QC-8-250


With a 250 GB SSD hard drive, the latest 8 GB main memory and a quad-core processor, this variant is the right basis for smooth video streams or your extensive building control.

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PEAKnx touch panel Controlpro QC-16-500


With a 500 GB SSD hard disk, the latest 16 GB main memory and a quad-core processor, this Controlpro variant is the optimal platform for video streaming and complex SCADA systems.

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Technical Details
Scope of Delivery
Controlpro dimensions


  • Touch technology: PCAP touch screen (Projective Capacitive Touchscreen) with 10 finger operation
  • Processor: Intel Quad-Core, fanless – silent
  • Hard drive: 250 GB or 500 GB SSD
  • RAM: 4 GB, 8 GB or 16 GB
  • Panel: 18.5 inch Full HD LED LCD
  • Stainless steel housing and aluminum frame
  • Dimensions: panel computer without glass cover (W x H x D): 535 mm x 320 mm x 50 mm
  • Dimensions: glass cover (W x H x D): 560 mm x 330 mm x 1.8 mm


  • Webcam: HD Webcam 5 Megapixel
  • Speaker: Broadband Speaker 2x 2 W
  • Microphone: Microphone with room characteristics


  • 2x USB front port
  • 4x USB 3.0
  • 1 x Ethernet GLAN
  • 1x Audio Out
  • 1x Audio In
  • 1x VGA Out
  • 1x HDMI
  • KNX

Supply and power consumption

  • Supply voltage: 15-20 V DC
  • Max. current: in operation: 4 A, PC boot process: 4.5 A
  • Power consumption operation: 40 W (max. equipment)
  • Power consumption standby: 1.5 W


  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC
  • YOUVI software package basic


  • Flush-mounted
  • Flush-mounted, flush with the wall and surrounding 5 mm shadow gap
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