Visualization for KNX Smart Homes

Visualisation for KNX smart homes

The YOUVI smart home solution enables you to control your KNX installation easily and intuitively. From home or on the go.

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YOUVI Control: LightsYOUVI Control: HeatingYOUVI Control: SwitchesYOUVI Control: DimmerYOUVI Control: ShuttersYOUVI Control: TimerYOUVI Control: Weather sensorsYOUVI Control: Temperature insideYOUVI Control: Temperature outsideYOUVI Control: Alexa voice controlYOUVI Control: Window sensorsYOUVI Control: CameraYOUVI Control: Smartphone

Home control with YOUVI

YOUVI Scope of Functions

Lights (Dimmers, RGB luminaires)
Create the right atmosphere with lighting.
Sockets & switches
View devices and turn them on and off.
Shutters & blinds
Raise or lower shading devices as needed.
Specify when the function should be executed.
Adjust your home to a comfortable temperature.
Scene creation
Create scenes directly in the visualisation using drag and drop.
Web widgets
Flexibly extend the range of functions via web widgets.
Home control via app
Free of charge at home and with the Connect module also remotely.
Door communication
Integrate SIP door stations into the visualization.
Voice control
Control your KNX building by voice command via Alexa.
Automatic processes
Set if-then rules in the KNX smart home simply by yourself.
Camera Integration
Include IP cameras in your visualisation.
Bridges to other brands
Integrate devices from other manufacturers directly into the KNX visualisation.

Intuitive usability with a
maximum of functionality

YOUVI Dashboard background
YOUVI Dashboard navigation
YOUVI Dashboard Element 1
YOUVI Dashboard Element 2
YOUVI Dashboard Element 3
YOUVI Dashboard Element 4YOUVI Dashboard Element 5
YOUVI Dashboard Element 6
YOUVI Dashboard Element 7
YOUVI Dashboard Element 8
YOUVI Dashboard Element 9
YOUVI Dashboard Element 10
YOUVI Dashboard Element 11
YOUVI Dashboard Element 12
Maximum 3 clicks

Maximum 3 clicks to control the desired device

Optimal overview

Room buttons provide an optimal overview

Red Dot Design Award

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award

May it be a little darker?

Switch to the elegant dark mode of YOUVI with just one click. The KNX visualisation adapts to your needs and is thus easy to read even in poor lighting conditions. The dark mode is also gentle on your eyes.

Discover the multiple display and setting options of the YOUVI visualisation

Sensor data recorded graphically

Each sensor widget has a graph display that shows the sensor value over the day, week, month, or year.

Supported sensors
  • Binary
  • CO2 (ppm)
  • Pressure (Pa)
  • Humidity (%)
  • Brightness (lux)
  • Noise (W/m²)
  • Percent
  • Temperature (°C)
  • Wind speed (m/s)
  • Wind direction
  • Time (12h and 24h format)

Customize your own dashboard

Design your personal dashboard with the frequently used devices. You can arrange all the tiles as you like by dragging and dropping and adjust their size in two different levels.

Create up to 5 dashboard pages

Each user has their own preferences for the arrangement of the separate tiles for home control. With up to five dashboards to swipe through, each smart home resident can create their own dashboard.

Extend functionality with Web Widgets

Give YOUVI a few additional individual functions by displaying important websites on your dashboard. This way you will always be up-to-date and informed.

Ideas for web widgets
  • Outlook Calendar
  • News webpages
  • Online portals for IP devices
  • Music libraries like iTunes or Amazon Music

3 sections for the best overview

Choose from three layouts to find the one that suits you best. If you want to get a better overview of your widgets, the dashboard can be divided into up to three sections. These create with a scroll bar space for as many functions as you like.

Change building structures or devices intuitively

Many changes can be made directly in the YOUVI visualisation even without a professional. Less stress and unnecessary costs for all involved is the result.

View possibilities 
  • Add/delete floors, rooms, buildings
  • Change room names and symbols
  • Add new devices
  • Make changes to existing devices
  • Move devices to other rooms via drag & drop
Home Control on the Go with the Smart Home App

Home control on the go with the smart home app

If you want to control your KNX building remotely, you can use the additional Connect module in conjunction with the YOUVI smart home app. This is available free of charge for use at home for Android and iOS smartphones.

View module

Set routines and automatic processes

The logic module makes your building think and takes a lot of work out of your hands. Your building reacts to defined events in the way you want it to and notifies you about them if you wish. This not only saves time, but also, for example, energy with heating automation.

View module

Camera and video surveillance

Integrate your surveillance camera directly into the YOUVI visualisation. This is done via camera widgets that you can freely assemble and place on the dashboard. This way you can keep an eye on important places on your property.

View module

Integrate Netatmo devices

Integrate Netatmo devices, such as thermostats or weather stations, directly into the smart home visualisation YOUVI. This way you can always keep an eye on the weather and the temperature in your smart home.

View bridge

Door communication

Integrate your SIP door station into the KNX visualization and use the panel as an intercom. When the doorbell is rung, you can see directly on your touch panel, who is standing in front of the door greet the person and let them in.

View module

Multi-room sound systems

Control multi-room sound systems from Sonos or trivum directly with the YOUVI visualization. The integrated music player widget allows you to control the music selection in the individual rooms and have an overview of it.

Sonos bridge trivum bridge

Smart Home Control with Alexa

Smart home control with Alexa

With YOUVI you can control your house conveniently by voice command without moving a single finger. Amazon's voice assistant handles everyday tasks for you: Simply tell Alexa what actions you want your building to perform.

View module

Guaranteed compatibility

YOUVI can integrate all devices that communicate according to the KNX protocol. This means that in addition to KNX/EIB devices, devices controlled via DALI, EnOcean or other protocols can also be connected via a KNX gateway and integrated into the visualisation.

YOUVI compatibility

Already included in the basic package:

Useful tools save costs and protect your nerves

Bus monitor

With the bus monitor software, you always have an overview of your KNX network. All telegrams transmitted on the KNX bus are logged in tabular form. With the help of numerous filter options, any faults that occur are quickly found and solved.

IP router

The IP router software creates a connection between the KNX building control system and the IP network. IP-capable devices (such as the Controlmini or Controlpro) can thus be used as KNX IP routers without the need for additional hardware.

ETS import

Easy set-up via ETS import function

The visualisation of the devices, their room allocation as well as group functions and standard icons are already created automatically by an ETS project import.

View tutorial (German)

The YOUVI add-on principle

With the add-on principle, you get a building control system that is tailored exactly to you. This means you only pay for the features you really need. The additional modules only have to be purchased once per building installation and work on several PEAKnx panels at the same time.

Visualisation (for comprehensive building control)Check
Bus monitor (tool for troubleshooting)Check
IP router (replaces hardware IP router)Check
Connect Module (mobile app, voice control)Optional
Camera ModuleOptional
Logic ModuleOptional
Door station ModuleOptional
Netatmo BridgeOptional
Sonos BridgeOptional
trivum BridgeOptional
Ikea Tradfri BridgeOptional
Ntuity BridgeOptional
0,- €*
* YOUVI Basic is already
included with PEAKnx hardware.
Upgrade for USB-Connector
without YOUVI for 179,00 €

Use YOUVI with the PEAKnx hardware

YOUVI is designed for use with PEAKnx hardware. Only with our touch panels, servers, or the USB-Connector YOUVI can be used and develop its full potential.

YOUVI with PEAKnx Touch Panels

YOUVI + PEAKnx touch panel

YOUVI Basic is already included on the touch panels.

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Test YOUVI for 90 daysYOUVI with USB-Connector

YOUVI + USB-Connector

Use YOUVI on any Windows based hardware.

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YOUVI with PEAKnx Knx Server

YOUVI + Performance Server

The visualisation runs on a Windows/iOS/Android device.

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YOUVI smart home control at a glance

Intuitive use

Find everything you need for home control at a glance.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode
Change to a darker view according to your preference.

Individual dashboard

Easily create your own personal control centre.

Control from anywhere

Control your home from anywhere with the mobile app.

Excellent design

Convince yourself of the award-winning design.

YOUVI Advantages
Supported devices
System requirements

YOUVI Basic Visualisation

  • Creating the visualization from a direct ETS import
  • Create scenes via drag & drop
  • Up to 5 different dashboard pages with 3 different dashboard layouts
  • Web widgets for the integration of web pages into the visualization
  • Diagram view of the sensor values, display: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly view
  • Widget for energy monitoring
  • Device filter by type, device state and location
  • Light and dark design
  • Visualization editable even by laymen
  • Add-ons, for example for the integration of sound systems, door stations and voice control
  • Supported languages: English, French, German
  • You can find the complete range of functions of the app under "All YOUVI features".

YOUVI Basic KNXnet/IP router

  • IP-capable devices (Controlmini, Controlmicro, Controlpro, Laptops together with USB-Connector) function as KNX IP routers, additional hardware becomes superfluous
  • Supports up to 15 IP tunneling connections, EIBlib/IP, multicast and extended frames
  • Individual transmission of incoming and outgoing group addresses via filter table

YOUVI Basic Bus Monitor

  • Logs all telegrams that are transmitted on the KNX bus in tabular form
  • Offers numerous filter and export options
  • Occurring faults are quickly found and solved

YOUVI Mobile App

  • For iOS or Android
  • Access via WiFi (home network) included in YOUVI Basic
  • Cloud connection for on-the-go access included in YOUVI Connect module
  • You can find the complete range of functions of the mobile app under "All YOUVI features".

YOUVI Mobile Apat App StoreYOUVI Mobile App at Google Play

Modules to extend YOUVI Basic

> YOUVI Connect Module: Building control on the road via Smart Home App and on site via voice control (online/offline)

> YOUVI Camera Module: Integration of JPEG, MJPEG and RTSP streams from the surveillance cameras into the visualization

> YOUVI Logic Module: Creation of logics, routines and presence simulations in the user-friendly logic editor

> YOUVI Door Station Module: Integration of SIP door stations into the visualization

> YOUVI IKEA Tradfri Bridge: Integration of various IKEA Trafri devices

> YOUVI Netatmo Bridge: Integration of Netatmo thermostats and weather stations into the visualisation

> YOUVI Ntuity Bridge: Integration of the Internet of Energy platform Ntuity

> YOUVI Sonos Bridge: Integration of a Sonos Multiroom system into the visualization

> YOUVI trivum Bridge: Integration of a trivum Multiroom system into the visualization

All YOUVI features

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