The PEAKnx Control 12

Control 12
11.6” KNX touch panel

The Control 12 (the formerly Controlmini) is a real all-rounder in the field of smart home control. The KNX control panel can be used for classic building control, for status and information visualisation.

KNX visualisation for your home and room control

Lights (dimmers, RGB luminaires)
Create your individual lighting atmosphere.
Sockets & switches
View devices and turn them on and off.
Shutters & blinds
Raise or lower shading devices as needed.
Specify the time for a function to be executed.
Make your home cosy by individually adjusting the temperature.
Scene creation
Create scenes directly in the visualisation using drag and drop.
Web widgets
Flexibly extend the range of functions via web widgets.
Home control via app
Free of charge at home and also remote via the Connect module.
Voice control
Control your KNX building by voice command via Alexa.
Automatic processes
Simply set if-then rules in the KNX smart home.
Camera integration
Include IP cameras into your visualisation.
Bridges to other brands
Integrate devices from other manufacturers directly into the KNX visualisation.

More modules and functions

YOUVI Screenshot

KNX visualisation for your home and room control

Control your smart home easily and intuitively with the included YOUVI Basic software package.

Scene creation
Web widgets
Home control via app
Voice control
Automatic processes
Camera integration
Bridges to other brands

Create your individual lighting atmosphere.

YOUVI Screenshot

More modules and functions

All in one device!

KNX server, IP router, smart home app and visualisation are already included in the touch panel's scope of delivery of the touch panel

Control 12: The All-In-One Solution

A calculation that adds up. With the Control 12 you don't just get a piece of hardware. The clever YOUVI software and add-ons make the device a real all-in-one wonder, so you don‘t need any additional hardware.

Stand alone or as a client in the network – the choice is yours!

Control 12 as KNX Server

All-in-one solution in combination with YOUVI

In combination with YOUVI, you can run the Control 12 as a stand-alone KNX touch panel that is not dependent on an external server or IP router. Especially for single-family homes and medium-sized projects, this combination of hardware and software is a perfect solution.

Control 12 as a client variant

Client solution in combination with external server and IP router

If you already have a central control unit or an external KNX server (e.g. PEAKnx Performance Server or Gira Homeerver), you can connect the Control 12 as a client variant. Especially for larger KNX projects, a central server might provide additional security.

Open for other applications and visualisations

The Control 12 is a fully-fledged computer equipped with Windows 10 LTSC, which not only enables you to use of all Windows and web-based visualisations, but is also suitable for browser applications, for example.

Depending on the visualisation you use, SIP door intercoms with video transmission, alarm systems and energy management can also be displayed in the KNX visualisation via the KNX touch panel.

View visualisation options
    All Windows or web-based, e.g.:
  • BabTechnologie: CubeVison
  • Gira: QuadClient, Ajax, X1
  • Hager: Domovea
  • Enertex: EibPC
  • Symcon GmbH: IP-Symcon
  • ThinKnx
  • Edomi, openHAB and many more ...
Control 12 with visualisation software

Compatibility ensured

To ensure smooth functionality, we test our hardware and software with a variety of smart home solutions from different manufacturers. You can find a list of the tested devices and applications in the table below. To easily find the desired function, use the respective filter.

Control 12 Compatibility
Filter options

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Integration via

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Supported functions

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YOUVI licence

Show selection

Air conditioningKNXSetpoint temperature, current temperature, HVAC mode, setpoint shift, heating/coolingYOUVI Basic
Air conditioningAidoo KNXOn/Off, fan speed, setpoint temperature, current temperature, setpoint shift, heating/cooling, slats, scenes, status, error messageAirzoneYOUVI Basic
Air conditioningAidoo ProOn/Off, fan speed, setpoint temperature, current temperature, setpoint shift, heating/cooling, slats, scenes, status, error messageAirzoneYOUVI Basic
AnemometerNetatmo accountWind direction, wind speedNetatmo, Smart AnemometerNetatmo Bridge
Energy managementNTUITY accountPower fed into/withdrawn from the grid, power from photovoltaics, wallbox (consumption in kW), battery storage (power fed in/withdrawn/charge level in %), consumption in kW, self-sufficiency in %neoom, NTUITY NTUITY Bridge
Fingerprint sensorHTTP commandsTrigger specific building functions according to fingerprintekeyLogic Module
HeatingKNXSetpoint temperature, current temperature, setpoint shift, heatingYOUVI Basic
HeatingNetatmo accountSetpoint temperature, current temperatureNetatmo, Smart Thermostat, Smart Radiator ValveNetatmo Bridge
IntercomLAN/WLANRelay(DTMF), camera stream, sound2N, IP-VersoDoor station Module
IntercomLAN/WLANRelay(DTMF), camera stream, soundAGFEODoor station Module
IntercomLAN/WLANRelay(DTMF), camera stream, soundAxisDoor station Module
IntercomLAN/WLANRelay(DTMF), camera stream, soundDoorBirdDoor station Module
IntercomLAN/WLANRelais(DTMF), soundGiraDoor station Module
IntercomLAN/WLANRelay(DTMF), camera stream, soundMetzlerDoor Station Module
IntercomLAN/WLANRelay(DTMF), camera stream, soundMobotixDoor station Module
IntercomLAN/WLANRelay(DTMF), camera stream, soundSiedleDoor station Module
IntercomLAN/WLANRelay(DTMF), camera stream, soundTCSDoor station Module
IntercomLAN/WLANRelay(DTMF), camera stream, soundWantecDoor station Module
IP cameraLAN/WLANRTSP, JPEG, MJPEGAxisCamera Module
IP cameraLAN/WLANRTSP, JPEG, MJPEGHikvisionCamera Module
IP cameraLAN/WLANRTSP, JPEG, MJPEGLupusCamera Module
IP cameraLAN/WLANRTSP, JPEG, MJPEGMobotixCamera Module
IP cameraLAN/WLANRTSP, JPEG, MJPEGReolinkCamera Module
LightKNXOn/Off, absolute dimming, stepwise dimming (via voice), RGBW, RGB, Tunable White (warm/cold light via colour temperature)YOUVI Basic
LightIkea Tradfri gatewayOn/Off, absolute dimmingIkea, tradfri LED E27, LED1842G3Tradfri Bridge
LightIkea Tradfri gatewayOn/Off, absolute dimming, RGBIkea, tradfri LED E27, LED1924G9Tradfri Bridge
Multiroom sound systemSonos accountShow and play playlists and favourites, play/pause, forward/back, repeat/shuffle, volume/muteSonosSonos Bridge
Multiroom sound systemtrivum serverShow and play playlists and favourites, play/pause, forward/back, repeat/shuffle, volume/mutetrivumtrivum Bridge
Rain gaugeNetatmo accountAmount of rainNetatmo, Smart Rain GaugeNetatmo Bridge
SensorsKNXBinary, brightness (lux), humidity (%), percent, temperature (°C), time (12h and 24h format), wind speed (m/s), noise (W/m2), CO2 (ppm), wind direction, pressure (Pa), current (mA), power (kW, W), active energy (Wh), numerical values, rainfall (l/m2)YOUVI Basic
SensorsNetatmo accountTemperature, humidity, noise level, CO2 concentrationNetatmo, Smart weather station, indoor moduleNetatmo Bridge
Shading devicesKNXOpen/close, slat angle, position, stepwise up or downYOUVI Basic
Shading devicesIkea Tradfri gatewayOpen/close, position, stepwise up or downIkea, FyrturTradfri Bridge
Smartphone/tabletYOUVI Mobile App/WLANPlease refer to the YOUVI scope of functionsAndroid SmartphonesConnect Module
Smartphone/tabletYOUVI Mobile App/WLANPlease refer to the YOUVI scope of functionsiOS SmartphonesConnect Module
Sockets/switchesKNXOn/OffYOUVI Basic
Voice control (online)Alexa Skill: PEAKnx YOUVILight, dimmer, shutters, RGBs, sockets, heatingAmazon, EchoConnect Module
Voice control (offline)ProKNX AragonLight, dimmer, shutters, sockets, heatingProKNX, AragonConnect Module
Weather stationKNXWind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidityYOUVI Basic
Weather stationNetatmo accountTemperature, atmospheric pressure, humidityNetatmo, Smart weather station, outdoor moduleNetatmo Bridge
Show all
Control 12 Components

Powerful components for top performance

Full HD Display11,6” Full HD display
HD-Webcam5 Megapixel HD-webcam
Dual-Core processor (11th generation)Intel Dual-Core processor (11th generation)
4 GB RAM4 GB main memory
Integrated proximity sensorIntegrated proximity sensor
MicrophoneOptimized microphone

Smart heat management for permanent operation

Unlike mobile devices such as tablets, the fixed PEAKnx touch panels are designed for permanent operation. The sophisticated heat dissipation system ensures that the device continues to run smoothly even after many years of use and does not produce any stripes on the wall.

No moving partsNo moving parts
Metal housingMetal housing milled from one piece
permanent operationDesigned for permanent operation
Cooling by convectionCooling by convection
Smart heat management
Control 12 glass design

Infinite glass designs

Whether in corporate design with your own company logo or matched to the private interior design – it is you who determines the outer appearance of your KNX touch panel!
You can hoose between a silver or black frame and customize the exchangeable glass covers. This makes the Control 12 into a real eye-catcher in every smart home.

For new construction, renovation or retrofitting

The Control 12 can be installed both flush-mounted and as a surface-mounted version. Thanks to its ultra-thin design, the KNX touch panel looks flat and elegant on the wall, regardless of the installation variant. As an alternative, it is also possible to mount the panel completely flush with the wall. Due to the three mounting options, the Control 12 is suitable for new smart buildings as well as for retrofitting.

Flush with the wall

Flush with the wall

Optical accentOptical accent (flush with the wall)
Distance from wall: 0mmDistance from wall: 0 mm



floating opticsFloating effect (lying flat against the wall)
Distance from wall: 7mmDistance from wall: 7 mm



quick mountingQuick mounting on a switch box
Distance from wall: 25 mmDistance from wall: 25 mm

Extensive exchange options

The Control 12 can be retrofitted wherever flush-mounted boxes are installed which have maximum dimensions of 215 x 135 mm. Simply mount the panel in the surface-mounted version.

You will find an overview of all exchange options and our replacement kits here:

All replacement kits

Elegant, compact, versatile!

Choose between the Control 12 including the attractive YOUVI visualisation or one of our flexible replacement sets. It is up to you, which installation variant and which visualisation you use for your building.

PEAKnx Touchpanel Control 12

PEAKnx Control 12

The direct KNX connection and the included YOUVI software package make the Control 12 a fully-fledged smart home control centre and stand-alone server.

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Ideal as Gira Control 9 replacementControl 12 replacement kit Gira Control 9

Exchange set Gira Control 9

The Control 12 is the perfect replacement for a Gira Control 9 device. It can effortlessly display the full scope of the Gira HomeServer on its full HD display.

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Control 12 replacement kit

Other replacement sets

The Control 12 can be retrofitted wherever flush-mounted boxes with maximum dimensions of 215 x 135 mm are installed – simply with the surface-mounted version.

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Technical details
Scope of delivery
Control 12 Dimensions


  • Intel Dual-Core processor, 11th generation
  • Fanless convection cooling (airflow)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128 GB SSD hard drive
  • 11.6 inch Full HD LCD panel with LED backlighting
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Adaptive brightness
  • Proximity sensor (screen switches on when approached)
  • Multi-touch, PCAP touch technology
  • 5 megapixels webcam
  • Broadband stereo speakers
  • Optimised microphone with room characteristics
  • WiFi 2,4 GHz, 5 GHz, Bluetooth: 5.2


  • 2 x USB A 2.0 (front port)
  • 1 x USB C 3.2 Gen2
  • 1000 Mbit Ethernet
  • KNX
  • Supply terminals: 24 V DC, GND


  • Operating system: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC
  • YOUVI software package basic


  • Dimensions Control 12 (W x H x D): 297 mm x 210 mm x 22,5 mm
  • Dimensions flush-mounted box (W x H x D): 251 mm x 193 mm x 50 mm
  • Dimensions glass cover (W x H x D): 297 mm x 210 mm x 0.7 mm

Supply and power consumption

  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC 2,4 A
  • Operation (idle): 6 W
  • Operation (full load): 30 W
  • Server operation without LCD: 4 W

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