Controlmini becomes Control 12 - We have given our classic control panel an extensive upgrade

Controlmini becomes Control 12 - We have given our classic control panel an extensive upgrade

Our KNX operating panel, previously known as Controlmini has been completely overhauled and the performance of the all-rounder developed in-house by PEAKnx sets new standards. Furthermore, the generation shift prompted a name change - the new Control 12 touch panel will be available as of id-January 2024.

Increased performance and enhanced durability

During the development phase of the Control 12, PEAKnx focussed specifically on in-house development work and with proactive measures we are now even better prepared for the future in smart buildings. The motherboard was developed and designed at our PEAKnx headquarters in Darmstadt with a modular structure in order to enhance flexibility in configuring the panel in future. The modular technology simplifies adjustments to the SSD hard drive or the processor, thus increasing the longevity of the panel.

In the rear interior of the panel, a new USB-C interface is located, enabling gigabit-level data transfer rates via Ethernet. The data transmission through WLAN or Bluetooth has also been upgraded to the latest technology. The faster 128 GB main memory with expanded storage capacity ensures that higher performance requirements can be met at any time, and the application spectrum is even more easily expandable.

Like its predecessor, the 11.6-inch touch panel comes equipped with a fully-fledged Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC operating system. The faster main memory, however, also allows for a switch to Windows 11 as soon as a long-term support version becomes available. Overall, the panel is up to three times more powerful than its predecessor - thanks to the new hard drive, more efficient RAM and a more powerful 11th generation processor from Intel.

New sensors and timeless elegance

Externally, the elegant Control 12 closely resembles its predecessor. The frame, full HD display and front USB ports have remained unchanged, and the new touch panel can be seamlessly integrated with previously used mounting sets, i.e. surface-mounted frame or flush-mounted box and adapter sets.

Only the front glass sees changes: Additional cut-outs have been added due to new sensor technology. A brightness sensor controls the automatic adjustment of brightness to the surroundings and a proximity sensor detects when a person approaches the display, which then turns on automatically. The device also features a notification LED on the front glass, which can be individually assigned to various functions. 

New concept in thermal management and improved energy efficiency

Those who do not only want to use the panel for controlling, for example, lighting or heating, but as a comprehensive multimedia centre, can look forward to larger power reserves. Thanks to the completely redesigned cooling concept, the panel remains cool even under high-performance demands. At the same time, however, consumption during normal operation has been reduced. This results in higher overall efficiency, coupled with outstanding performance and improved cooling.

Official premiere at Light + Building trade fair

The official sales launch for the new PEAKnx panel, including the YOUVI Basic software package consisting of visualisation, IP router and bus monitor, is set for 15th January 2024. Its official debut for a wider audience will take place at the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, from 3rd to 8th of March 2024 where visitors will be able to test the new panel on site.

The technical specifications of the Control 12


  • Intel Dual-Core processor, 11th generation
  • Fanless convection cooling
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128 GB SSD hard drive
  • 11.6 inch Full HD LCD panel with LED backlighting
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Adaptive brightness
  • Automatic switching on of the screen via
    proximity sensor
  • Multi-touch, PCAP touch technology
  • 5 megapixels webcam
  • Broadband stereo speakers
  • Optimised microphone with room characteristics
  • WiFi 2,4 GHz, 5 GHz, Bluetooth: 5.2


  • 2 x USB A 2.0 (front port)
  • 1 x USB C 3.2 Gen2
  • 1000 Mbit Ethernet
  • KNX
  • Supply terminals: 24 V DC, GND


  • Operating system: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC
  • YOUVI software package basic


  • Dimensions Control 12 (W x H x D): 297 mm x 210 mm x 22.5 mm
  • Dimensions flush-mounted box (W x H x D): 251 mm x 193 mm x 50 mm
  • Dimensions glass cover (W x H x D): 297 mm x 210 mm x 0.7 mm

Supply and power consumption

  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC 2.4 A
  • Operation (idle): 6 W
  • Operation (full-load): 30 W
  • Server operation without LCD: 4 W

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