Visualisation in record time: electrical technicians pass their master's exam using KNX panels from PEAKnx

Visualisation in record time: electrical technicians pass their master's exam using KNX panels from PEAKnx

Two technicians for energy and building technology have passed their master's examination with our KNX control panels Controlmini and Controlmicro including the visualisation software YOUVI. We congratulate the newly qualified master technicians.

The two electrical technicians Alexander Seelke and Marcel Werban have been working at Elektroanlagenbau Harting in Calau since 2011 and 2017 respectively and have dealt with a variety of KNX projects in their daily work. During a KNX certificate course in 2019, they had already independently implemented KNX projects. Until then, however, without the integration of a visualisation. That was about to change...

In order to deepen their previous knowledge and to be able to train apprentices later on, the two have completed the three-year master's training at the Cottbus Chamber of Crafts since 2020 to become electrical technicians and have now successfully passed their examination.

The main task of the practical exam was to present their own KNX Smart Home building control system and to integrate a visualisation. To do this, the examinees first needed suitable options for presenting the visualisation. The decision was quickly made in favour of our PEAKnx touch panels Controlmicro and Controlmini including the YOUVI visualisation software. For the two electrical technicians, the price-performance ratio was right in the selection, and YOUVI can also be created easily and intuitively and is particularly visually appealing.

As part of the superordinate task of the master's examination, Marcel and Alexander were to control devices such as blinds, beamers and lights in a conference room via switches and integrate them into a visualisation. To meet these requirements, an ETS project was imported, read out and edited in the PEAKnx project editor. The visualisation was then created automatically. The project editor was particularly helpful for the examinees, as the tasks had to be completed under high time pressure. With the intuitive editing of the projects via the project editor they were able to save a considerable amount of time without having to programme parts of the visualisation separately individually. The two colleagues were also able to easily complete the post-processing and further editing of the imported project via the project editor and partly directly on the panels in the visualisation.

The two electrical technicians used the Controlmini and the Controlmicro with YOUVI to control the devices - an elegant and quickly deployable solution that met all the specified requirements. During the test, the YOUVI app was also used, as the visualisation was to be displayed on mobile devices in addition to the panels.

The PEAKnx panels offered considerable advantages in mastering the examination tasks: In addition to the fast programming, Marcel and Alexander also liked the appealing look as well as the good clarity, the easy-to-understand instructions and the explanatory videos. Thus, the prospective masters were able to successfully complete their tasks and convince the examination board of their project.

In their future career, they will therefore use our KNX touch panels including YOUVI for KNX installations, as not only the design but also the set-up would offer advantages to their customers. The first enquiries have already been received.

With a view to the future, the two young masters are certain: the PEAKnx panels with visualisation are ideal for quickly introducing their own employees to the field of building automation including visualisation.

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