KNX software YOUVI 4.4 is now offering additional convenient features for building automation

KNX software YOUVI 4.4 is now offering additional convenient features for building automation

With the release of the KNX software package YOUVI 4.4, we offer users of smart homes new options for convenient smart home control. In addition to innovations such as the Project Editor, YOUVI 4.4 is also offering further visualisation and application options from various PEAKnx cooperation partners.

Project Editor

Intuitive editing of a ETS project with the Project Editor

System integrators will be pleased with the practical and clear innovation of the Project Editor that has been integrated into version YOUVI 4.4. When YOUVI is installed, the ETS project is imported and the visualisation of the building and the controllable devices is created at the same time. The new Project Editor makes it easier for integrators to post-process the imported project and can be used flexibly from anywhere using a browser without being tied to an operating system. A clear overview of the entire building structure with a list view of detected units along with a view of group addresses ensures quick and easy processing of all units that have been integrated into the building. With just a few clicks, properties such as names, icons, unit type, and room assignment can be edited, and units can be created or deleted. In addition, entire rooms, buildings or floors can also be edited. If you prefer to make changes to units or rooms directly in the visualisation, you can quickly switch to it at any time.

Integrated ventilation widget for controlling ventilation systems

Do you have poor air quality, unpleasant humidity or unsuitable room temperature? Modern ventilation systems already have a solution for these problems. Starting with version 4.4, it is now possible to visualise the ventilation systems. Together with the ventilation system in smart buildings and the new YOUVI ventilation widget for visualising and controlling the system, these annoyances are a thing of the past. Using the widget, occupants of a smart building have the option of setting different ventilation levels, viewing CO2 values, ventilation values and indoor humidity, setting the target temperature and setting other modes of the ventilation system. If the CO2 sensor is integrated in the ventilation widget, you can see when the CO2 value has increased and can start the "forced ventilation" mode accordingly. Even after forced ventilation, a healthy feel-good climate can be created in your own four walls at all times thanks to the setpoint temperature that can be adjusted using the widget. Another perk of this new ventilation widget is that visualisation using the widget can indicate when it is time to change the ventilation system's filter.

Energy management

Energy monitoring via KNX or the "Internet of Energy"

In the course of the energy transition, PEAKnx has dedicated itself to energy management and with the release of YOUVI 4.4 is providing users with a widget for real-time monitoring of energy flows in the home. In the widget, values are displayed via KNX or via the bridge to the Internet of Energy platform NTUITY of PEAKnx's cooperation partner neoom. A separate add-on is required to couple YOUVI with NTUITY; the values are transferred directly to the energy widget via KNX. Using the visualisation, house residents can see their power fed into or taken from the grid, their self-generated power from the photovoltaic system, the charging status of their vehicle battery, as well as the charging status and power currents of the house battery. The YOUVI logic module specifically enables certain KNX devices to be used or charged only when there is a power surplus.

Communication from YOUVI with IKEA Trådfri gateway

Trådfri means wireless and, with this new release, YOUVI is also supporting the control of IKEA devices in the smart home using the IKEA Trådfri Bridge for the first time. YOUVI 4.4 offers smart home owners the option of creating a pleasant lighting atmosphere in their respective rooms with RGB lights or dimmable light sources using the logic module or the YOUVI mobile app. Blackout blinds from IKEA's "Fyrtur" series can also be controlled directly using the visualisation and means that the amount of daylight in rooms can be infinitely adjusted.

Aragon from ProKNX

Voice control without cloud connection

Anyone who wants to use voice control in their smart home is now no longer dependent on cloud-based variants, because it is now possible to send their voice commands completely offline. The Aragon offline voice controller from PEAKnx's cooperation partner ProKNX, integrated into YOUVI 4.4, is what makes that possible. The Snips voice assistant executes voice commands without an Internet connection and, for example, provides the appropriate lighting indoors or raises and lowers roller shutters. The privacy of the residents is maintained at all times due to operating offline. "What's said at home, stays at home."

Even more innovations

With the update to YOUVI 4.4, the door station module that can be used with all SIP-capable door communication systems has been expanded. Multiple SIP clients can be integrated, users can mute the ringtone, and check in a gallery in the visualisation whether they have missed a doorbell.

In another new feature, YOUVI 4.4 users are given the option of creating custom switches in three different ways, which either react when touched, when toggled, or when touched and released. It is possible to flexibly assign the three actions with group address, user mode, or a logic action. The status can be included as text or as a symbol.

In addition, with YOUVI 4.4, an addition was made to the web widget in the form of a navigation bar for more flexible navigation, the handling of Sonos groups was simplified, and a new authorisation method was developed in the Netatmo Bridge.