Fingertip control of your smart home

Fingertip control of your smart home

PEAKnx, the home and building automation solutions manufacturer from Darmstadt, Germany provides with Controlpro, an extremely user-friendly multimedia touch control panel for automated buildings. Controlpro can be equipped with either an X2 dual-core processor or X4 quad-core processor. The high-performance version of Controlpro is optimised for higher image-processing performance, thus allowing users to easily play back images, videos and similar in HD TV resolutions depending on the network. Controlpro also features an industrial memory as series, which works reliably in higher temperature ranges and satisfies the demand for continuous, fail-safe 24/7 operation.

The intelligent home constantly in view

Controlpro takes the form of a KNX-based smart-home touch computer. Integrators can install any popular visualisation software they wish. Once installed, the right software transforms it into a smart-home control centre. In this function, Controlpro can support two major aspects of building automation: energy efficiency and user convenience. The touch panel not only provides the security required for visualising control tasks, but, as a standalone product, is highly reliable thanks to the high quality of its tested industrial components, top-quality finishing and fanless cooling. Controlpro features an 18.5-inch LED LCD display with 1366 x 768-pixel HD resolution and comes with an optionally replaceable glass front. Owing to a patented hardening process, the Controlpro stands out by virtue of its excellent bending properties combined with a high resistance to breakage.

Controlpro eliminates the need for an additional IP router

It also offers another significant advantage: the touch panel can be used as a KNX IP router. Typically, the wiring in a KNX network consists of a 2-wire bus operating over 9,600 baud. The network connects all switches, lamps, etc. with the actuators. An additional KNX IP router is usually required to display the KNX network in an Ethernet network. This is no longer necessary when using Controlpro, because it establishes the connection between the Ethernet and KNX network over the software.

User-friendliness as a measure of all things

To ensure that the multimedia touch display fits perfectly into any home environment, the Panel Designer can be used to design it according to your own ideas. Various template design variants are also available. The stainless-steel housing and aluminium frame are extremely pleasant to the touch. Controlpro combines a modern design with a high level of user-friendliness and excellent functionality. Windows 10 Professional is used as an operating system. As standard, Controlpro also features direct connections to KNX bus, USB and Ethernet, a HD webcam, a wideband stereo speaker and an optimised microphone with room characteristics.

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