Smart home control with YOUVI via the Controlmicro

Smart home control with YOUVI via the Controlmicro

The Controlmicro serves as the central control unit and KNX server in this Bavarian semi-detached house. Placed in the middle of the living and dining area, the residents control their home via the control panel and the YOUVI visualization.

Range of functions expanded with web widgets and Connect module

In addition to all classic building control functions such as lights, heating and shading, the ventilation system was integrated via the YOUVI web widget function. The photovoltaic system and garden irrigation were also integrated into the visualization in this way. In addition to YOUVI Basic, the residents use the Connect module to control the most important functions via cell phone while on the move.

Logics realized with YOUVI and Edomi

Small logics, such as raising and lowering the blinds in the morning and evening, were implemented by the residents themselves via the logic module of the visualization. "We also integrated the Christmas tree lighting into YOUVI via switchable sockets," enthuses the householder. Planner and electrical engineer Patrick Nolte used Edomi to integrate the HUE lamps and control various lighting scenes coordinated by motion detectors. Many components were already pre-programmed here and could be used.

Door station and garden lighting planned

"In the future, we would also like to integrate our Doorbird door station directly via the door station module in YOUVI to use the panel as an intercom," the residents plan. The pool will also soon be integrated into the visualization via a web widget. The garden and pergola lighting is currently implemented via Edomi and an MDT glass pushbutton in the kitchen. Here it is planned to activate these via a scene and also to switch them off again automatically, for example, when going back into the house in the evening. 

Conclusion: "Definitely an eye-catcher"

"All in all, we are very happy with the Controlmicro as a central control panel. Visually, it is definitely an eye-catcher and visitors always admire it. It also integrates perfectly into our modern semi-detached house, which contains many black elements," sums up the owner of the house.