Replace an old MT701 device fast and easy

Replace an old MT701 device fast and easy

MT701 operating panels from Gira and other manufacturers have been in use for many years now. With the Controlmini replacement set, such outdated devices can be easily replaced with a modern smart home control panel. Beinert-Knotte Elektro GmbH recently replaced a panel at a customer's building.

Modern operating panel fulfils the expectations

Although the old MT701 still worked after several years of use, information and descriptions on the screen were no longer suitable for the user's increased usage requirements. A larger display, on which all functions could be clearly shown, was intended to remedy this situation. The PEAKnx Controlmini was therefore chosen as the replacement device. The PEAKnx Controlmini replacement set offers a suitable surface-mounted frame for the flush-mounted box of the installed MT701. This avoids the need to drill again on the wall and facilitates the exchange.

Easy installation and setup of the visualization system

System integrator Farid Farahmandfar, who made the replacement, reports: "The replacement went very smoothly with the matching surface-mounted frame. There were no major challenges during installation. The connection of the Gira home server also worked well, only the display settings had to be adjusted a little". The YOUVI Basic software already included in the delivery was also set up to give the customer the opportunity to get to know both visualisations and to switch between them as required. The automatic import function of the ETS project also made the setup very easy: "Only some adjustments had to be done manually, because some group addresses were not assigned correctly. In general, however, the automatic creation of group functions in rooms and buildings is very practical", says Mr. Farahmandfar and sums up: "YOUVI has a very good graphical user interface that impresses at first glance. In my opinion, only a few functions, such as the possibility of integrating alarm systems, are still missing in the visualization.“

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