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D-Sub DIN Rail Adapter

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This KNX DIN rail adapter enables you to use the USB-Connector quickly and flexibly at constantly changing locations. It is connected to the KNX bus before use and installed in the control cabinet. The USB-Connector can then be connected to the KNX bus and the laptop without tools using a generous extension cable (available as a set). This allows a quick and easy overview on the bus in the event of faults in the KNX network or other installations.

Please note: The DIN rail adapter is part of the USB-Connector and can only be connected to it together with the extension cable. If you do not have this yet, take a look at the set.

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The slim DIN rail adapter for the USB-Connector requires just 1 SU in the control cabinet. It is mounted onto the standard DIN rail TS-35 (7.5 or 15 mm) and connected directly to the KNX bus. The 3-pole-KNX screw connection with tension sleeves is designed for conductor cross-sections (flexible) between 0.2 and 2.5 mm². Together with the USB-Connector, its included software and the 2 m extension cable (available as a set), it provides secure KNX access for all electricians in the field of building automation.

The USB-Connector additionally provides suitable software, such as a bus monitor and an IP router. It can be used with Windows 10 devices and the ETS 5 and 6.


The DIN rail adapter is intended for permanent installation in the customer's control cabinet. If access to the KNX network is required, the electrician can travel with the extension cable and the USB-Connector to access the bus directly via the plug connection. The 2 m long cable leaves plenty of room to place the laptop on the nearest flat surface. This solution is particularly suitable for systems that should not be accessible via IP.

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