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Recovery USB Flash-Drive

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With the 32 GB Recovery USB Flash-Drive, you can quickly and easily reset your PEAKnx panel in case of Windows problems. You only need a few steps to create your individual backup, e.g. after initial commissioning, and play it back to the panel in case of a problem. 

Please note: The Recovery USB Flash-Drive only contains the backup software, not the Windows image (backup).

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Backing up and restoring the operating system on your PEAKnx panel

Windows does not start anymore or shows malfunctions? You have accidentally deleted files or forgotten your password? You can reset your PEAKnx panel in a fast and comfortable way and solve the problem. Either with the PEAKnx factory image already existing on the panel or with the Recovery USB Flash-Drive. The PEAKnx factory image restores the panel to its factory default state. If you want to completely set up the panel anew, this option is sufficient. In case you want to restore a specific state, e.g. after initial commissioning, use the Recovery USB Flash-Drive. 

Creating a specific backup

After the initial commissioning and installation of the visualization and other desired software, use the Recovery USB Flash-Drive to create an image of the current panel state. If any problems occur, you can simply plug in the Recovery USB Flash-Drive and reset the panel to this state. There is no need for installing additional software.

It is as easy as that:

  1. Switch off the PEAKnx panel
  2. Insert in the Recovery USB Flash-Drive into the PEAKnx panel
  3. Switch on the PEAKnx panel
  4. A few clicks 
  5. Done: Windows has been reset

Please note: The detailed procedure for backing up and restoring the operating system can be found in our Recovery Stick Quick Start Guide or in the respective manual for the panel in the Downloads section.

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