KNX Visualization YOUVI gets new functions

KNX Visualization YOUVI gets new functions

The update 3.1 of our building control software YOUVI contains many new functions. Directly visible is the new dark mode: YOUVI now also appears in a dark design. Users can use group addresses to switch between the light and dark variants.In addition, there are other features that make Smart Home everyday life easier. For example it is now possible to access individual rooms and their functions directly via the dashboard.

See the weather forecast directly on the panel

YOUVI Users can display the weather forecast from their region with the newly integrated weather widget. This is possible either in different rooms or directly on the dashboard of their control panel and even without their own sensors. Of course, you can also integrate your own measurement data into the display to make the weather data even more precise. For this purpose new sensor data types are now available, namely wind direction, air pressure, CO2 and volume.

Create your own group functions

Although YOUVI already automatically creates device groups for rooms and the entire building, special devices can now be combined into their own groups, regardless of their location. The timer function is particularly practical in this context. For example, you can set up a group for all roller shutters in the bedroom and living room and have them automatically raised in the morning, shortly before getting up.

Scenes increase comfort

The new trigger button can be used to send user-defined switching commands and telegrams for selecting ETS scenes. Up to 64 independent scenes can be set up in the ETS. Those favorites can be started automatically by pressing a trigger buttons. For example, when you come home, turn on the lights in the hallway and living room and start the background music.

Further improvement

With the update to version 3.1. the editing mode can be locked with a password. Thus no one can accidentally make changes to the visualization. In addition, we have made further improvements to the project import and added an autostart function.

If you are already using YOUVI to control your house, the update will be displayed automatically. If you want to get to know YOUVI better, click here for more information about our 3 in 1 software package.