YOUVI version 4.2 optimized for Controlmicro use

YOUVI version 4.2 optimized for Controlmicro use

The update to version 4.2 of the PEAKnx visualization software YOUVI primarily brings adaptations to the new 8'' KNX touch panel Controlmicro, which is available now. In addition, there are smaller functional enhancements and the integration of the YOUVI Dashboard into YOUVI Configuration.

8'' screen size optimally used

YOUVI 4.2 has been optimized for the display size of the Controlmicro. For example, in landscape mode the space on the 8'' screen is used optimally: The menu bar for rooms and trades can be hidden by clicking on the icon again, leaving more space for the tiles.

Controlmicro sensor technology integrated into visualization

The Controlmicro has integrated sensors for CO2 and brightness as well as an ambient lighting. The sensors and the ambient lighting are displayed as separate widgets in the visualization. The values can be set via the Panel Settings. In addition, the integration in the logic module of these new features has been realized. Users can, for example, have the ambient lighting turn red when there is a poor CO2 level in the room to inform about the poor air quality. Another new feature of the updated version is that push notifications can be sent not only to the panel, but also to the YOUVI mobile app.

YOUVI Dashboard integrated into YOUVI Configuration

Up to now, the YOUVI Dashboard was a separate application to provide an overview of the various YOUVI programs. With the new version, this is integrated into YOUVI Configuration. YOUVI Configuration is used to adjust basic settings for language, IP router, KNX connection etc. and now also provides access to additional YOUVI modules and bridges. Users can access YOUVI Configuration by clicking on the house icon in the taskbar. In addition, the new version offers the possibility to disable the IP router to avoid circulating messages. Furthermore, parsing can be switched off and a pure group address import can be performed for subsequent improvements to the KNX project.