Cooperation between PEAKnx and Netatmo

Cooperation between PEAKnx and Netatmo

PEAKnx has cooperated with Netatmo, the leading French smart home company. Thanks to this cooperation, Netatmo devices such as the Smart Weather Station or the Smart Thermostat can be directly integrated into the KNX visualization software YOUVI. Users of PEAKnx touch panels can now keep an eye on the weather, temperature and indoor air quality in their smart home.

Connecting Netatmo devices without an additional gateway

No external gateway is needed to connect the Netatmo devices to the KNX installation. The YOUVI Netatmo-Bridgeintegrates the indoor and outdoor module of the Smart Weather Station, Anemometer, the Smart Thermostat and Additional Smart Radiator Valves directly into the KNX visualization. The YOUVI visualization makes it easy to control the KNX smart home via the permanently installed PEAKnx touch panel in a central location in the building, the YOUVI app or via Alexa. For example, Netatmos Smart Thermostat and Additional Smart Radiator Valves are displayed in YOUVI as a heating widget and the temperature can then be easily controlled via the smart home visualization.

Cooperation for more smart home possibilities

"With the integration of Netatmo into YOUVI, we are responding to the requests of our customers who approached us with this query. The cooperation offers an easy way to upgrade their KNX installation with a Weather Station, an Additional Indoor Module with CO2 sensor or a Smart Thermostat," explains Lorenz Rohrmann, Managing Director of PEAKnx GmbH. Edwin Aartman, Regional Sales Manager at Netatmo, adds: "With Netatmo, we are always looking for new innovative solutions that make the home safer and more comfortable. When PEAKnx contacted us, it quickly became clear that this cooperation would offer many benefits to smart home residents."

All weather information presented in one weather station widget

Netatmo's Smart Home Weather Station monitors the indoor and outdoor environment in real time. In the PEAKnx visualization, it is possible to display both indoor environmental sensors, i.e. CO2, temperature, sound level and humidity, and outdoor sensors (temperature, humidity and pressure, as well as wind direction and speed). Multiple sensors can be displayed not only individually, but also combined as a weather station widget for outdoor conditions. The air quality in the smart home and the local weather can now be easily visualized on the KNX touch panel. In combination with the YOUVI logic module, smart home owners are also offered new possibilities. For example, if the outdoor temperature and humidity reach a critical value, the garden watering system can be triggered automatically.

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