Restaurant owner switches to visualization YOUVI

Restaurant owner switches to visualization YOUVI

Francesco Garzia controls his restaurant Da Francesco with a Controlpro from PEAKnx since summer 2017. Previously he used the Gira Quad Client as a visualization. After the latest YOUVI Update he decided to switch to the PEAKnx visualization software.

Smart technology creates the right ambience

In 2017 restaurant owner Garzia relied on PEAKnx technology for his new restaurant. The entire lighting system, as well as roller shutters and blinds, are controlled via the control panel Controlpro. The KNX touch panel is located centrally in the bar area. In addition to normal dimmable lights, RGB luminaires are also used to create a cosy atmosphere in the restaurant. Garzia also selects the right atmospheric background music via the Controlpro. Recently, the illuminated advertising in the outdoor area of the restaurant has also been integrated into the smart building control system.

"The system is so easy"

Restaurant owner Garzia used the Gira Quad Client as a visualization to control his restaurant but the bright design of YOUVI convinced Garzia to switch: "I really wanted to try YOUVI. The bright design is simple and reduced, I like that very much." For the installation the restarant owner was supported by the PEAKnx team. Already after a few days of using the new visualization Garzia can draw a first positive conclusion: "The habituation to the old system was more difficult, YOUVI is easy to use right from the beginning. I especially like to control my restaurant with the YOUVI App. That makes my daily work much easier.“

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