KNX Smart Home in the Taunus relies on automation with PEAKnx

KNX Smart Home in the Taunus relies on automation with PEAKnx

The house of a three member family is characterised by modern architecture and the latest technology. Whats makes the building special is the minimalist concept of three interlocked cubes as the basic structure of the house with the combination of the technical details using KNX technology. For example, the LED strips, which are integrated into the front of the building and automatically switch on in the dark, create a special eye-catcher and support the straight-line architectural style.

Fully equipped Smart Home

The intelligent home is controlled via a Controlpro from PEAKnx, a Gira home server is running in the background. A total of over 70 light sources are integrated into the KNX network in the building, as well as a Sonos sound system, door communication, surveillance cameras, the alarm system, a weather station and the monitoring of the groundwater pumping. Of course, all blinds which extend over the two-storey living area can also be controlled via KNX. While there is a practical fingerprint sensor at the front door, a locking system with PIN code entry has been installed at the side entrance. This can be used to grant access to guests and relatives if you are not at home yet.

Smart Home makes everyday family life easier

On the 280 m² of living space, it is not only the blinds that automatically move up or down depending on the incidence of light that simplify everyday family life. "I find the child-call function particularly practical", enthuses the building owner, "When activated in the kitchen on the PEAKnx Controlpro, a short light signal is triggered in the children's room and the child comes down for dinner - without me having to call across the whole building".

A little practice and experience are required

The system integrator Rothenbach created many functions as voice control with Alexa for the move-in. "In everyday life, however, it has been shown that it is much quicker and easier to use the mobile phone app than to think about the correct Alexa voice command," explains the residents. "We have also noticed that you have to gain a little experience in everyday life until you have completely understood the handling". Other functions, on the other hand, work so well that the family can hardly imagine a life without them. "I very quickly got used to the fact that the lights in all rooms automatically switch on and off thanks to presence detectors. Whenever I go to visit someone else now, it is funny to me that you have to turn on the light switch first. I was also surprised that our child got used to controlling our smart home so quickly".

Increasing the resale value with KNX

"We chose to build a fully equipped home with KNX technology because we believe that it will increase the resale value of the house", explains the owner, "Nowadays, if you build a house without smart technology, it will soon get old. KNX has the advantage that even if we don't currently use all the possibilities, the cables are laid, and we are therefore prepared for future adaptations". And with the exchangeable front glasses of the PEAKnx Controlpro , the appearance of the control centre in the living space can also be adapted to a changed interior design as desired.