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Controlmicro replacement kit: MT701

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The KNX touch panel Controlmicro is the perfect alternative to the MT701 from ABB, Gira or Berker. The modern operating panel can easily display the entire KNX building control system on its generous 8-inch high resolution display. In addition to the included YOUVI software, any other Windows- or web-based visualisation can be used for building control. Users thus not only receive an elegant KNX operating device with a higher resolution and larger display compared to the replacement device, but also an appealing visualisation of the home control system. Thanks to the adapter contained in the replacement set, the Controlmicro is quickly installed in the previous flush-mounted box – without the need for any further chiselling work.

Please note: The Controlmicro requires a power supply of 24 V DC/2.4 A. To use the Controlmicro in the corresponding flush-mounted box, an additional power supply may be necessary.

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    Controlmicro replacement kit: MT701

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    Controlmicro: The reliable KNX Smart Home solution

    The Controlmicro is a reliable 8-inch multi-touch panel with integrated KNX interface, high-quality design, powerful performance and tested industrial components. As an alternative for the ABB MT701, Gira MT701 or Berker MT701, the Controlmicro also covers all common functions of KNX building control. Thus the states of the most common devices (e.g. light, blinds, heating or dimmer) can be displayed and controlled without any problems. In addition to the area of house and room control, the Controlmicro can also be used as a status and information display or as an intercom for door communication systems.

    The ideal replacement for the MT701

    The Controlmicro is the perfect replacement device for the old MT701 panel from ABB, Gira or Berker. It is a full-fledged computer equipped with Windows 10 LTSC, which enables the use of all Windows- and web-based visualisation systems (e.g. Gira QuadClient*, X1, or CubeVision from BAB-Tec). The desired visualisation can be shown on the larger and higher-resolution display without any problems. Or you can use the included visualisation YOUVI, which automatically creates itself from the ETS project and fulfils the highest design demands. In addition, users benefit from the features provided by Windows, such as fast navigation using wiping gestures or eye-friendly operation in the darkened night mode. The preinstalled Windows LTSC reduces maintenance and software problems as no Windows updates are allowed except for security updates. Furthermore, browser applications can be used or any Windows programs can be installed. The high-quality aluminum frame, milled from one piece, is available in matte black with a black front glass or silver in combination with a white front glass. This allows the smart home panel to be ideally adapted to the interior of the room. Its low installation depth ensures that it appears very flat on the wall without the need for a new flush-mounted box.

    *as of GIRA Homeserver Version 4.11, only the display in landscape format is supported

    More about the Controlmicro

    YOUVI: The All-in-One package for KNX home control

    The YOUVI Basic software package is also included in the scope of delivery. The KNX software includes visualisation, IP router and bus monitor software. Thanks to YOUVI and the integrated KNX interface of the Controlmicro, the execution of all basic control tasks of a KNX smart home is possible without the need to access an external server or IP router. With the YOUVI modules, the range of functions can be flexibly extended.

    More about YOUVI


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    Easy replacement of the old panel

    The installation of the PEAKnx Controlmicro in the old flush-mounted box is done in just a few simple steps:

    1. Switch off the power supply and remove your MT701 from the flush-mounted box.

    2. Fasten the MT701 adapter plate to the flush-mounted box using the associated ABB/Gira/Berker mounting screws. 

    3. Plug the 24 V cable wires coming from the power supply unit into the screw terminals (GND, 24 V) of the Controlmicro mounting plate. Connect the KNX and the network cable. Attach the Controlmicro mounting plate to the adapter using the screws provided.

    4. Insert the panel into the mounting plate and, if necessary, fasten the grub screws to prevent theft.
    Scope of delivery
    • Controlmicro Panel
    • Quickstart for Panel and Software
    • USB flash drive: YOUVI Basic Software and Controlmicro user manual
    • Connector for KNX, power supply and network connection
    • Screws to secure the panel against theft incl. tool
    • Adapter cable from USB Type C to USB Type A
    • Adapter for MT701 control panels
    • Four countersunk screws

    Current software, manuals and other documents with information about the Controlmicro can be found in our download area.

    Controlmicro specifications

    • Intel Quad-Core processor
    • eMMC memory with 64 GB
    • 4 GB main memory
    • 8 inch TFT LED LCD panel
    • Resolution: 1200 x 1920 pixels
    • Multi-touch through PCAP touch technology
    • Broadband stereo loudspeaker
    • Optimized microphone
    • WLAN/Bluetooth: 2,4 & 5 GHz/5.0
    • Fanless cooling by convection
    • Integrated CO2 sensor
    • Adaptive brightness
    • Proximity sensor
    • High-quality aluminium housing
    • Anti-theft protection
    • LED ambient lighting

    Controlmicro ports

    • 100 Mbit Ethernet
    • MicroSD card slot
    • KNX
    • USB 2.0 Type C
    • Supply terminals: 24 V DC, GND

    Controlmicro software

    • Operating system: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC
    • YOUVI software package Basic

    Controlmicro dimensions

    • Size of the panel without mounting body: 223 x 125 x 13 mm
    • Suitable switch box for mounting: Standard screw spacing: 60 mm, depth: min. 35 mm

    Controlmicro supply and power consumption

    • Supply voltage: 24 V DC 2,4 A
    • Maximum power consumption under full load: 20 W
    • Power consumption, idle: 5 W, Server operation without LCD: 3 W

    Adapter plate for the MT701

    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 230 mm x 148 mm x 1 mm
    • Weight: 172 g

    Compatible control panels:

    • ABB MT701
    • Gira MT701
    • Berker MT701
    • Gira InfoTerminal Touch 2072xx
    • Berker Master Control 7574001x
    • Jung Smart Panel 5,7"; SP5.1KNX
    • Jung Smart Panel 9"; SP9.1KNX
    • Jung Facility Colour Touch Panel IP (FP 701 CT IP)


    Compatible flush-mounted boxes:

    • Jung EBG 24
    • UP-KAST2