Hotel resort realizes building control with PEAKnx

Hotel resort realizes building control with PEAKnx

Peter and Karin Hetteger lead the EDELWEISS Salzburg Mountain Resort in the third generation. In 2017 the family decided to fully renovate the hotel. The modernisation included a completly new building and the installation of a modern building control system. Light, ventilation and more are controled via six KNX control panels from PEAKnx since the re-opening in July 2019.

Ready for the future

"We wanted to use our hotel modernization to invest in new, innovative technologies straight away," says hotel manager Karin Hettegger. "There are many great technical possibilities. We especially liked that we will remain flexible and expandable in the future with the KNX building control system". PEAKnx was recommended by system integrator Antonio Schaupper of SmartHomeKrainer. He implemented the project at Edelweiss Mountain Resort and explains: "We've been working with PEAKnx for several years now. In order to prepare the hotel for the future, we have consciously recommended PEAKnx. We know that the decision for building automation is a long-term investment.

Building control in everyday hotel business

For employees in the reception, lounge, café, bistro and spa areas, it should be as comfortable as possible to create atmospheric lighting scenarios. "We wanted our employees to be able to easily select lighting or mood scenes depending on the time of the day," says Karin Hettegger. "Of course, this is of particular benefit to our guests, who should feel absolutely at home at our hotel". Therefore the family business decided for six touch panels from PEAKnx: one Controlpro and five Controlmini. Two Gira facility servers and a QuadClient visualization are used in the background. With the exchangeable front glasses one decided completely classically for a black Design.

Intuitive handling of the building control

The hotel staff reacted very positive about the introduction of the touch panels, reports hotel manager Karin Hetteger: "The employees got along very quickly with the operation, a comprehensive familiarization phase was not necessary. In our opinion, this is due to the intuitive handeling". At the same time, the security concept was important. "We attach great importance to ensuring that unauthorized persons do not have access to the touch panels. Thanks to PEAKnx, we are on the safe side here." In addition, it is also possible to access security camera streams via the touch panels: Security personnel can, for example, view individual rooms or areas via different touch panels.

Further expansion of building automation functions planned

"We are currently still planning which functions we want to implement in our hotel areas with the touch panels from PEAKnx," says Karin Hettegger. "It is planned to integrate the complete sound system of our hotel into the KNX network and thus make it controllable via the touch panels." Further scenarios are also possible. Thanks to numerous functions, there are almost no limits to building automation today. This is a great advantage that DAS EDELWEISS Salzburg Mountain Resort can benefit from. Especially the guests of the hotel profit from the extensive modernization and at the same time comfortable ambience in a beautiful alpine environment.