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YOUVI Logic Module

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The logic module for the YOUVI Basic software package enables the definition of routines in the KNX Smart Home. The building thinks with you and many manual operations can be reduced. Individual notifications about specific events are also possible. With the KNX Logic Module, Smart Home residents not only save time, but also energy, for example when the heating is regulated automatically.

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Please note: The YOUVI Logic module can only be used in combination with YOUVI Basic and PEAKnx hardware (Controlmini, Controlpro, USB-Connector or Performance Server). You can find more information in the "Installation" tab.

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YOUVI Basic: The intelligent software solution for KNX smart home control

YOUVI Basic combines visualisation, IP router and bus monitor in one package. With the additionally available modules and bridges, the Smart Home functions can be expanded as required.

Create smart home logics: What if?

The logic module is the core of an automated building. YOUVI reacts to defined events and makes intelligent home control possible. With the logic editor, the user can easily create routines himself. Each routine consists of trigger, action and, if necessary, one or more condition(s). For example, the sprinkler system in the garden can automatically take over the lawn irrigation if the soil moisture drops below a certain level or the shutters are automatically lowered at sunset. Through various custom states, the user himself determines when routines are played or deactivated. For example, a number of routines can be stored that simulate presence and are only activated during vacation. During the absence, the logic module can create a small log by displaying notifications in the visualization when certain events occur, for example when the motion detector in the garden is activated.

Create KNX logics intuitively yourself

The module can be set up in the browser either via a touch panel or by laptop. YOUVI presents the logics in a tabular overview. Each routine can also be assigned suitable labels to better structure the view and to find routines quickly. The history helps to get an overview of played routines as well as routines that were blocked by a condition. Routines can be created directly after the installation of the module without further settings. The user interface is easy to understand for everyone and allows to create simple logics in no time.

Functional overview
  • Http command
  • KNX telegram
  • Device value (sensors, shading, light, switches, heating, etc.)
  • Timer
  • Interval
  • Sunrise/set
  • Custom states
  • Device value (shading, light, switches, heating, etc.)
  • KNX telegram
  • Http command
  • Custom states
  • Visualization theme (light/dark)
  • Notification in visualization (toast or popup)
  • Sending Push notifications to the mobile app (in combination with YOUVI Connect)
  • Email notification
  • Starting scenes
  • Time period
  • Day/night
  • Device value <, >, =, ≠ Threshold x (sensors, shading, light, switches, heating, etc.)
  • Custom states

Hardware and software requirements

The YOUVI Logic module can only be used in conjunction with YOUVI Basic and PEAKnx hardware (Controlmini, Controlpro, USB-Connector or Performance Server).

Installing the Logic Module

  1. First perform the following steps in YOUVI:
    • If the desired module/bridge has not yet been installed, do it now via YOUVI Dashboard. In case of the YOUVI Logic Module, click on "Install Logic".
    YOUVI Modul Installation Step 1
    • Then open YOUVI Configuration > More > License and select the appropriate license for the module/bridge.
    • Copy the hardware key.
    YOUVI Modul Installation Step 2
  2. Then carry out the following steps in the PEAKnx Shop:
    • Enter the copied code under "Hardware Key". A license key will be generated and stored from it in the following.
    YOUVI Modul Installation Step 3
    • After completing the order process and paying the invoice, you can take the license key from your customer account. In the tab "My license keys" you will find all purchased license keys.
  3. Return to YOUVI:
    • Open YOUVI Configuration > More > License and select the appropriate license for the module/bridge.
    • Enter the license key under the "License" field and select "Activate".
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