KNX visualization YOUVI gets more than 100 new icons and a Netatmo bridge

KNX visualization YOUVI gets more than 100 new icons and a Netatmo bridge

The update to version 4.1 of our KNX visualization YOUVI allows users to customize their smart home visualization with new and own icons. The logic module and the YOUVI home control app also get useful features. But the highlight of the latest version is the new Netatmo Bridge, which allows the integration of weather stations and the smart thermostat from Netatmo..

Integrate Netatmo devices directly into YOUVI visualization and logics

From now on, the direct integration of Netatmo's Smart Weather Station, Anemometer, the Smart Thermostat and Additional Smart Radiator Valves into the YOUVI visualization is possible. No external gateways are required for the connection. The Netatmo bridge can be purchased separately in the PEAKnx store and tested free of charge for 90 days. Indoor environmental sensors, i.e. CO2, temperature, sound level and humidity, and outdoor sensors (temperature, humidity and pressure, as well as wind direction and speed) can be displayed. Multiple sensors can also be displayed combined as a weather station widget. The Smart Thermostat and the Additional Smart Radiator Valves of Netatmo are integrated into YOUVI as a heating widget. Weather and temperature in the smart home can now be easily kept track with the new bridge and, in combination with the logic module, offer smart home owners new possibilities. All newly integrated Netatmo devices can thus be used in the logic module as a trigger, condition or - in the case of the thermostat - can also be controlled as an action. For example, if the CO2 level rises above a value of 1000 ppm, Smart Home residents can now automatically receive a notification about this on their panel.

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More than 100 new icons for an individual Smart Home visualization

As of YOUVI version 4.1, users can upload their own icons to customize their visualization to their smart home. In addition, YOUVI itself now offers a larger selection of standard icons. All icons can be clearly arranged in categories that users can create themselves, so that they can be found quickly when setting up and customizing the KNX visualization.

Logic module now even more user-friendly

With the YOUVI logic module it is now also possible to control individual KNX panels instead of all connected panels at once. This offers users of the logic module the advantage, for example, that messages can only sent to the desired panel. In addition, there are new operators (<, > and ≠) that now allow actions to be triggered when a limit value is exceeded or not reached.

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New widgets also available in the YOUVI Mobile App

The YOUVI Smart Home app gets a new weather station widget with the update. Users can now also view their weather station on their smartphone. The newly integrated Netatmo devices can also be displayed in YOUVI Mobile. Also new in the app: rooms can be pinned to the dashboard, giving users a better overview. The room buttons can either be used to control the group functions (shutters/blinds, lights, sockets) of the room via the dashboard or to switch directly to the respective room.