Comfortable Smart Home control with YOUVI 3.0

Comfortable Smart Home control with YOUVI 3.0

PEAKnx presents the latest version of its KNX software YOUVI. YOUVI is a 3-in-1 software package that allows users to control their smart home. It includes an IP router, a bus monitor and a visualization software. With version 3.0, smart home owners and integrators can look forward to numerous new functions. In addition, PEAKnx has revised the design and adapted the visualization: The handling is now even more convenient.

Numerous new features in Version 3.0

YOUVI is a KNX software package. In conjunction with the appropriate PEAKnx hardware, such as the Controlmini or Controlpro touch panel, YOUVI can be used to implement all house control tasks. The package, which consists of IP router, bus monitor and basic visualisation software, covers all common room and building control functions. With the rollout of version 3.0, YOUVI now has a central desktop app: The YOUVI Dashboard offers users an overview of all YOUVI modules. In addition, users can update the software automatically to the latest version via the integrated YOUVI Updater - manual updates are no longer necessary. Via the YOUVI Configuration module, users can see all YOUVI functions in their computer's browser and make all configurations for Smart Home control there.

Smart Home control with voice commands

If you want even more comfort, the Alexa voice module (available separately) controls your intelligent home simply by voice command. The YOUVI update now also supports Alexa group functions. For example, users in larger rooms can bundle all light sources and switch them off simultaneously with the voice command "Switch off all lights". In addition, the visualization software makes it very easy to add new rooms, floors or buildings. A new backup function allows users to conveniently back up YOUVI project configurations including visualization. Using the time server function, YOUVI also allows time and date to be sent directly to the KNX bus. This is particularly advantageous for KNX devices that have time switches or time displays. In addition, YOUVI now supports new sensors for weather data (such as temperature, wind, etc.) and status displays for time, binary or percentage values, such as fill levels, window contacts, buttons or switches. Users can also integrate IP cameras or camera streams into the visualization via webcam widgets. Up to four different streams are possible, which the widget can display - either as a full screen, as a button or as a small thumbnail. If you like, you can also display your favourite websites on the YOUVI Dashboard, such as the search engine, weather information or news.

New design with new features

PEAKnx has also overhauled the design in the latest YOUVI version. On the dashboard there are placeholders now, so that users can better arrange the tiles there. During the ETS import YOUVI assigns suitable icons to all rooms. If the icons automatically selected by YOUVI don't fit in some rooms, users can access additional icons stored in YOUVI and change them as needed. The same applies to the addition of devices that also receive a matching icon. There are three different dashboard layouts to choose from: without division, two- or three-part.

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