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How do I install the YOUVI Server on the Controlmicro?

KNX Touch Panel YOUVI 1 1 9 Views

Currently, our customers can choose which visualisation they want to install on the panel. Therefore, YOUVI is supplied with the panels but not pre-installed. The YOUVI Client (YOUVI Panel) is installed on the Controlmicro by default, as a minimal installation of the YOUVI software is necessary to enable the control of the ambient lighting and the display of the sensor technology for the user. To use the YOUVI Server on the Controlmicro, run the installer again and select the option "Convert YOUVI Client to YOUVI Server" during the "Pre-installation". Then upload your KNX project to continue with the setup. You will be asked during the installation whether you want to repair, uninstall or skip the client. Select "Skip".

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