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Why does the long press function for blinds and shutters not work in the QuadClient or in the Gira smart home app?

The Gira Smart Home app and the QuadClient are not designed for gesture control, which means that the long press function to fully open or close blinds/roller shutters usually does not work. When...

I use the Gira Smart Home app on a PEAKnx panel and cannot change pages by swiping. What can I do?

With the update to version 4.0.52 of the Gira smart home app, it si no longer possible to swipe between pages for rooms or trades on Windows devices. In versions such as 3.3.87 and below and from...

I use the Gira QuadClient with the Gira DCS Communicator plugin but have problems with its display. What can I do?

To display the Gira DCS Communicator correctly in the QuadClient (QC) on the Controlmini, you must scale the display to 100% and automatically hide the taskbar. To scale to 100%, go to “Display...

Which programmes can I use to control applications such as automatic restart, switching off the screen or write protection for PEAKnx panels with the Gira HomeServer?

We recommend the TecTool for optimum control of the PEAKnx panels with the HomeServer. It is already included in the scope of delivery of the panels. All TecTool functions, such as the scheduled...

Does YOUVI also work on the Gira Control 19?

No. To use YOUVI you need a computer that has Windows 10 (from version 1709) installed and PEAKnx hardware to enable the KNX access. This can be a computer with the PEAKnx USB-Connector, a Controlpro,...

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