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Which visualizations can be shown via the PEAKnx panels?

In principle, all Windows- or web-based visualizations can be displayed with the PEAKnx panel computers, for example Alexander Maier GmbH: EisBär SCADA (only Controlpro) BabTechnologie:...

Which cameras are the PEAKnx panels compatible with?

The PEAKnx panels can be used with cameras that use IP streams in RTSP, JPG and MJPG format, e. g. from: Hikvision Axis Lupus Reolink Mobotix* and many more ... Many other systems whose...

Which door stations are the PEAKnx panels compatible with?

In principle, the PEAKnx panels can be used with all SIP-capable door communication systems, such as:Gira DCS incl. DCS-Gateway (in connection with Gira software)*, Exception: Controlmicro Gira DCS...

Which multi-room sound systems can YOUVI be connected to for music playback?

Bridges to trivum-systems and Sonos are available as direct integration into the YOUVI software.

With which music software are the PEAKnx panels compatible?

The PEAKnx panels can be used with music software that is Windows-based or web-based, for example : Apple iTunes Spotify Sonos and many more ...

I have a Mobotix camera in my door system and would like to use the Mobotix app MxEasy on the Controlpro, is that possible?

Yes you can. To use the Mobotix MxEasy app on the Controlpro (1st Generation), you need to download and install a new video driver from our download...

Can I also integrate Netatmo's Smart Thermostats and Weather Stations into my visualization?

Yes, you can. With the Netatmo Bridge you can integrate your Smart Thermostats and Radiator Valves, but also the Smart Weather Station with Indoor and Outdoor Module, as well as Anemometers from...

Which air conditioning systems are compatible with PEAKnx products?

The Airzone gateways Aidoo KNX and Aidoo Pro, allow air conditioning systems from the manufacturers Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy and Toshiba to be either directly integrated into...

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