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KNX Touch Panel

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KNX Touch Panel

Should I rather buy the Controlpro with quad-core or dual-core processor?

If you would like to use the Controlpro for graphically complex presentations, for example video streaming or with the network TV tuner from Digital Devices: Octopus NET, we recommend that you buy the...

How do I speed up the awakening after standby?

By switching off the password entry, you can access your visualization faster after standby. Go into the „sign-in options” under "Require sign-in", select "Never".

What must be considered after initial commissioning of my PEAKnx panel?

We recommend that you make a backup of the entire panel after initial start-up. The easiest way to do this is with the Recovery USB Flash Drive from PEAKnx.

The touch control doesn’t work anymore. What can I do?

It may happen that after a Windows update, problems with the touch operation occur, therefore, after the update, the panel is best to be re-started. If you experience any problems with the touch...

My touchscreen does not work after hibernation overnight, what can I do?

After a Windows update, the hibernation was set to 180 minutes. To resolve this error, go to “Power options” > “choose when to turn off the display” > “change advanced power...

The on-screen keyboard doesn't show up when I want to type something on my touch panel. What can I do?

In normal desktop view, you must manually access the on-screen keyboard using the keyboard icon in the taskbar to type. If you want the keyboard to appear automatically when you type in a text box,...

At what height should I mount my control panel or the flush mounted box of my touch panel?

The top edge of the Touch Panel LCD should be at eye level with the primary user. If smaller or taller persons also operate the panel, a compromise must be found. A slightly lower screen prevents...

Can I change the view of my panel in the evening? How can I adjust the view on the panel to a darker environment, or is there a night mode?

The Windows 10 based operating system also allows you to use the night mode of Windows on the Panel. This filters out light of blue wavelengths in the evening. To activate this feature, swipe inwards...

Is there a way to use the Windows Store with a PEAKnx Panel (Windows LTSC)?

Yes, that is still possible. You can find an appropriate work-around here: https://github.com/kkkgo/LTSC-Add-MicrosoftStore We do not assume any warranty for third-party software.

How can I individually customize the glass design of my PEAKnx panel?

With the unique panel designer, it is possible to customize glass covers according to your taste and interior design. With the panel designer, the glass cover can be designed freely using your own...

What advantages does the Controlpro have over a tablet?

Compared to Android or iOS tablets, the Controlpro is quick and easy to use because it is installed in a central, fixed location. The panel also has a larger user interface, ensuring better operation...

Which other possible applications are possible for a PEAKnx panel?

You can also use the PEAKnx panels as a television. Therefore, you need the Octopus NET network TV-Tuner from Digital Devices and matching manufacturer's software (DD-TV). You can also use numerous...

Where can I find more information about the PEAKnx panels?

Manuals and quickstarts, installation guides and instructions on further integration options can be found in our download area.

Where can I find tender texts for the PEAKnx panels?

Tender texts (in German) for our products can be downloaded from Ausschreiben.de and Heinze.de.

How do I install the YOUVI Server on the Controlmicro?

Currently, our customers can choose which visualisation they want to install on the panel. Therefore, YOUVI is supplied with the panels but not pre-installed. The YOUVI Client (YOUVI Panel) is...

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