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Controlmini (11.6" KNX Touch Panel incl. Visualization)

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The Controlmini is the reliable all-rounder among the PEAKnx panels. The 11.6'' Full-HD operating panel including the YOUVI visualization can be used for room or house control, as status and information display or as intercom of door intercoms. The KNX touch panel is designed for long-term and durable operation and can be used as a client (e.g. with Gira Homeserver) or as an independent server. An integrated KNX connection and the included software make it possible. With the individually adaptable glass front, every design wish is fulfilled. The various mounting and exchange options make the Controlmini flexible in use.

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    Controlmini Front (Silver)
    Controlmini (11.6" KNX Touch Panel incl. Visualization)

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    Home control with KNX visualization YOUVI

    Via the Controlmini, YOUVI Basic can be used to perform all home control functions from a central location in the smart home. For example, you can switch sockets, dim lights, operate blinds or adjust the heating to suit your needs. A timer control facilitates the individual adaptation of the KNX Smart Home to the wishes and requirements of the customer. YOUVI is not only easy to use, but can also be arranged individually - simply by drag & drop. Web widgets offer an additional flexible possibility to integrate web pages directly into the visualization.

    Extend Smart Home functions flexibly

    Those who want to integrate cameras for surveillance, use Alexa voice control, or create their own routines and logic or presence simulations, can flexibly expand the functional range of YOUVI Basic with modules. Control via smartphone with the free YOUVI Smart Home App is also possible in your own home network. If you want to use the home control app on the go, simply add the YOUVI Connect module

    The Smart Home all-rounder with other visualizations

    The Controlmini is a full-fledged computer equipped with Windows 10 LTSC, which not only allows the use of all Windows- and web-based visualizations (e.g. Gira QuadClient, EisBär SCADA or CubeVision from BAB-Tec), but is also suitable for playing music or browser applications, for example. Depending on the visualization used, the KNX touch panel can also be used to display SIP door intercom systems with video transmission, alarm systems and energy management. By integrating a music system, the Controlmini can also take over the multi-room music control.

    Use KNX touch panel as client or server

    The direct KNX connection and the included software package YOUVI turn the Controlmini into a full-fledged smart home central and independent server. There is no need for external IP router hardware or an additional server. Alternatively, the KNX display can be used as a client with an external server (e.g. Gira Homeserver with QuadClient visualization).

    Powerful Smart Home solution for permanent operation

    The use of high quality industrial components ensures a long lasting operation, even during continuous use. The construction does not have any moving parts and is therefore not only maintenance-free but also silent. Protection against breakdowns is provided by the sophisticated heat management system. This helps to ensure even heat dissipation over the entire panel front - without any streaking on the wall. The powerful hardware ensures a smoothly running camera stream and effortlessly handles all basic tasks of home control.

    Individualize KNX display with exchangeable glass covers

    The processing of high-quality materials, such as aluminum and glass, not only supports the heat dissipation, but also gives the Controlmini a precious appearance. With the magnetically adhering front glasses, the appearance of the control panel can easily be adapted to the interior. Depending on the design requirements, the glass can also be supplied without PEAKnx imprint or printed with your own logo.

    For an individual glass cover please contact

    Installation from surface-mounted to flush-mounted

    Thanks to its thin design, the Controlmini can be flush-mounted but also surface-mounted. With the matching adapter frame, however, the Controlmini can also be mounted completely flush against the wall. The installation flush with the wall elegantly sets the KNX control center in scene and conveys a particularly noble impression. For a visual accent, the surrounding aluminum edge can be visibly incorporated. Alternatively, it is also possible to cover the edge for a more discreet look. In addition to its own flush-mounted box, it can also be installed in many others. It can be retrofitted wherever flush-mounted boxes are installed that have a maximum size of 215 x 135 mm. To do this, simply mount the panel in the surface-mounted variant over the respective flush-mounted box.

    Exchange options
    Flush-mounted box: 212 x 124 mm, e.g. MT701 devices
    • ABB devices with UP-KAST2 flush-mounted box
    • BERKER Minitableau MT701 with flush-mounted box 75900021
    • GIRA MT701
    • MERTEN MT701
    • JUNG devices with EBG24 flush-mounted box:
      • Minitableau LED 2411
      • Minidisplay LCD 2425
      • Shading control 2425 BST
      • SP 5.1 KNX
    Flush-mounted box: 211 x 130 mm, e.g. U.Motion Touch 7
    • Schneider MTN6270-5001 - Flush-mounted box
    • Merten MEG6270-5001 - Flush-mounted box

    The use of standard cavity wall- or mounting boxes is also possible if a 24 V DC power supply is available. These include the Italian standard box type 503E and the German standard box Kaiser round box 1555-04.

    Scope of delivery
    • Controlmini
    • YOUVI software package basic
    • Assembly and operating instructions
    • Network connector
    • Network Patch Cable
    • Certified cleaning cloth (5 pieces)
    • Leaflet for cardboard boxes

    Current software, manuals and other documents with information about the Controlmini can be found in our download area.


    • Intel Quad core processor
    • Fanless convection cooling (airflow)
    • 4GB RAM
    • eMMC 64 GB memory, extendable with Micro SD
    • 11.6 inch Full HD LCD panel with LED backlighting
    • Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
    • Multi-touch, PCAP touch technology
    • 5 megapixel HD webcam
    • Broadband stereo speakers
    • Optimised microphone with room characteristics
    • WiFi: 2,4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n
    • Bluetooth: 4.0


    • 2 x USB 2.0 (front port)
    • 1 x USB 3.0
    • 100 Mbit Ethernet
    • 1 x mini HDMI
    • 2 x KNX
    • Supply terminals: 24 V DC, GND


    • Operating system: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC
    • YOUVI software package basic


    • Dimensions Controlmini (W x H x D): 297 mm x 210 mm x 22,5 mm
    • Dimensions flush-mounted box (W x H x D): 251 mm x 193 mm x 50 mm
    • Dimensions glass cover (W x H x D): 297 mm x 210 mm x 0.7 mm

    Supply and power consumption

    • Supply voltage: 24 V DC 2,4 A
    • Operation (idle): 10 W
    • Operation (full-load): 15 W
    • Server operation without LCD: 5 W

    Windows LTSC as basis

    The panel is equipped with Windows LTSC. This reduces maintenance and software problems, because no Windows updates are allowed except security updates. Features provided by Windows also enable quick navigation through wiping gestures or eye-friendly operation in the darkened night mode.

    Open for common visualizations

    In addition to the included software YOUVI Visu, other common visualization programs (e.g. Gira QuadClient, EisBär SCADA or CubeVision from BAB-Tec) can easily be executed on the panel. > List of compatible visualizations

    KNX software YOUVI Basic included

    The software package YOUVI Basic, consisting of visualization, bus monitor and KNX IP router, is included in the purchase of the panel. For basic control tasks in the house, an external IP router or server can therefore be dispensed with. The visualization is created automatically from the ETS project structure and is available in German, English and French. YOUVI is not only easy to use, but can also be customized - simply by drag & drop. If you want to integrate IP cameras into the visualization, use Alexa voice control or create your own routines and logic, you can flexibly extend the functionality of YOUVI Basic with modules.

    YOUVI product presentation

    YOUVI Basic Visualization
    Included functions
    • Creating the visualization from a direct ETS import
    • Create scenes via drag & drop
    • 3 different dashboard layouts
    • Up to 5 different dashboard pages
    • Web widgets for the integration of web pages into the visualization
    • Room buttons to control all lights, blinds or sockets of a room from the dashboard
    • Create device groups of one type, e.g. a group of lights, a group of blinds/shutters, etc.
    • Trigger button (push button) for sending switching commands and simultaneous display of the status (free input)
    • Diagram view of the sensor values, display: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly view
    • Timer
    • Weather station, with wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity display, as well as 3-day forecast, can be used with or without own sensors
    • Camera widgets, for IP camera integration (with YOUVI Camera Module)
    Changing the user interface
    • Move the device tiles via drag & drop
    • Expand or collapse tiles
    • Adding placeholders
    • YOUVI Dark Mode (dark design)
    Make changes to the project structure or devices
    • Add/delete floors, rooms, buildings
    • Change room names and symbols
    • Add new devices
    • Make changes to existing devices: Change device icon, name, type, room assignment, group addresses
    • Move devices to other rooms via drag & drop
    Other functions
    • Filter the devices:
      • Type (light, heating, shutters, ...)
      • Status (active/inactive, comfort/saving mode/...)
      • Location (floor, room, created KNX area)
    • Filtered master tile for overview and control of device groups
    • Selection of sensors for outdoor and indoor temperature display in the title bar
    • Backup
    • Cleaning mode
    • Lock Edit-Mode
    • Autostart
    Supported devices
    • Lights
    • Sockets and switchable devices
    • Shutters
    • Blinds
    • Dimmers
    • RGB Lights
    • Heating
    • Weather stations

    Supported camera streams of the camera module

    • Formats: RTSP, MJPEG, JPEG
    • For example from Mobotix, Hikvision, Reolink, Axis
    Supported sensors
    • Binary
    • CO2 (ppm)
    • Pressure (Pa)
    • Humidity (%)
    • Brightness (lux)
    • Noise (W/m²)
    • Percent
    • Temperature (°C)
    • Wind speed (m/s)
    • Wind direction
    • Time (12h and 24h format)
    • Current (mA)
    • Power (W, kW)
    • Active Energy (kWh)
    • Further numerical values (ETS data point types 7.x, 8.x, 9.x)
    YOUVI Basic KNXnet/IP router
    • IP-capable devices (Controlmini, Controlpro, Laptops) function as KNX IP routers, additional hardware becomes superfluous
    • Supports up to 15 IP tunneling connections, EIBlib/IP, multicast and extended frames
    • Individual transmission of incoming and outgoing group addresses via filter table
    YOUVI Basic Bus Monitor
    • Logs all telegrams that are transmitted on the KNX bus in tabular form
    • Offers numerous filter and export options
    • Occurring faults are quickly found and solved
    YOUVI Basic Mobile App
    • For iOS or Android
    • Access via WiFi (home network) included in YOUVI Basic
    • Cloud connection for on-the-go access included in YOUVI Connect module
    • View for rooms, connection and dashboard
    • Control of all supported devices
    • Display of all supported sensors
    • Control device groups of one type
    • Starting Scenes
    • Trigger button (push button) for sending switching commands and simultaneous display of the status
    • User mode button with status display
    • YOUVI Dark Mode (dark design)

    YOUVI Mobile Apat App StoreYOUVI Mobile App at Google Play

    Modules to extend YOUVI Basic

    > YOUVI Connect Module: Building control on the road via Smart Home App and on site via voice control with Alexa

    > YOUVI Camera Module: Integration of JPEG, MJPEG and RTSP streams from the surveillance cameras into the visualization

    > YOUVI Logic Module: Creation of logics, routines and presence simulations in the user-friendly logic editor

    > YOUVI Netatmo Bridge: Integration of Netatmo thermostats and weather stations into the visualisation

    Download free trial version

    Please note: The free trial version gives you the opportunity to experience the look and feel of the YOUVI software. However, YOUVI can only be run in conjunction with PEAKnx hardware! For this reason you can upload a KNX project and test the software, but you cannot actually control your building. After download and installation, the YOUVI Basic software package is available for 90 days for testing.

    Maximum flexibility because of extensive compatibility

    The Controlmini can be used with various smart home solutions from different manufacturers. All suitable combinations can be found here:


    Any Windows or web-based, e. g.:

    • Alexander Maier GmbH: EisBär SCADA
    • BabTechnologie: CubeVison
    • Gira: QuadClient, Ajax, X1
    • Hager: Domovea
    • Enertex: EibPC
    • Symcon GmbH: IP-Symcon
    • ThinKnx
    • Edomi, openHAB and many more ...

    Flush-mounted boxes

    Adapter available for flush boxes, such as UP-KAST2, Jung EBG 24 or Busch-Jaeger 6136/UP, to replace e. g.:



    IP streams in RTSP, JPG and MJPG format, e. g. from:

    • Hikvision
    • Axis
    • Reolink
    • Mobotix and many more ...

    Door communication

    All SIP-enabled DCS, for example:

    • Gira DCS incl. DCS-Gateway (in connection with Gira software)
    • Doorbird IP Video Door station
    • AGFEO IP-Video TFE
    • 2N IP Verso
    • Wantec Monolith C IP
    • Mobotix T25 and many more ...

    Music software

    Windows or web-based software:

    • Apple iTunes
    • Spotify
    • Sonos and many more ...

    Network TV tuner

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